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Marvellous Stay at Hotel Aikawa

Review for the 2 Day Stay at Hotel Aikawa

The 2 day stay at Hotel Aikawa was just unforgettable where we enjoyed the marvelous, smiling, and welcoming staff from receptionists, managers, and chefs, to cleaners who were indigenous and trained professionally by Hotel Aikawa. The welcoming scene was so breathtaking for us as they met us at our car with drinks and flowers…..really, where do you still find this romantic welcome scene?  It was our 12th anniversary and without saying a word, they arranged a romantic dinner for us with a red tablecloth, hearts, wines, well wishes, etc. These were super special & indelible memories throughout our lives captured in photographs as well as in our hearts. A night well spent with great company, an indulgent dining experience by Ai Dine, ample amenities, and the best bottle of wine in the executive suite.

The super lavished breakfast with our half-opened eyes made us jump out of bed in the morning. And there began the journey of adventures included in the itinerary arranged by the hotel, like morning walks, jungle safari, canoeing, and many more. The morning stroll over the property was very informative & exciting for us as we encountered one-horned rhinos walking in the street, which were completely harmless & human-friendly.

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Chitwan National Park Adventure

Then the hotel’s car took us towards the Chitwan National Park with an incredibly humble guide. We opted to do a jeep safari though we had the option of an Elephant safari as we were more concerned about safety. Then, we drove along paths and took stops to look out from Jungle towers built in the jungle. We saw the odd monkeys, some deer, peacocks, a python, a rhinoceros, a variety of birds, and a boar that was begging for food at the safari base. During the exploration, our guide pointed out the numbers of gharial crocodiles- the endangered species along the Narayani River. We were lucky to see the tigers playing in the midst of the jungle. Not much in 5 hours, but a really great place to unwind and appreciate nature.

The canoe trip was the most thrilling experience being able to get the astounding close exposure of crocodiles and there was something mesmerizingly peaceful just being punted down the rivers and lakes. Enjoying the canoeing we traveled to the elephant breeding center & returned to the hotel on their ride.


The calm vibe, cool drinks & food with a relaxing environment to come back to after a long day of wildlife in the bush are the mesmerizing peculiarities of the hotel. Hotel Aikawa with its warmth and unparalleled hospitality makes our stay a great experience. We would like to definitely recommend to everyone to not miss Hotel Aikawa while visiting Chitwan. 

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Hotel Aikawa helped us arrange the activities that we would like to do in Chitwan. The reviews and pictures online don’t do it justice, you need to experience it.

-Samjhana and her husband Yadav

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