Canoe Ride in Chitwan National Park

Chitwan National Park in Nepal offers visitors the exhilarating adventure of witnessing. They even allow participation in elephant bathing and care of elephants. Canoe Ride in Chitwan National Park allows you to get up close to these magnificent creatures. You get to learn about their care and conservation efforts, creating indelible memories in a spectacular natural environment. This fascinating and enjoyable activity usually takes place near the rivers. Special bathing areas in Rapti River are designated for the elephants. 

The Elephant Bathing Experience at Chitwan

During the bath, mahouts (elephant handlers) guide the elephants into the water and assist in scrubbing and cleaning them. Elephants enter the water and submerge their bodies, allowing the water to flow over them. Tourists can observe and may have the opportunity to assist in bathing the elephants. You may even get the chance to feed them, or even take elephant rides. It can be a unique experience, providing insights into the daily routines and relationships between elephants and their mahouts.

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Elephants often enjoy the bathing process and actively participate by splashing water with their trunks and rolling around in the water. They use their trunks as versatile tools, capable of drawing water, spraying it onto their bodies, and even sucking it up for drinking. It’s a joyful experience to witness their playfulness and the interactions between the elephants and their caretakers. However, it’s important to choose responsible and ethical operators who prioritize the well-being and welfare of the elephants.

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Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to interact with these gentle yet the largest mammals on earth in Sauraha. It’s better to not regret it later, take your time today and experience the amazing bareback ride on an elephant while bathing with splashing water from the trunk of the elephant in the setting of morning and sunset. We recommend you check with our local trained tour operators and guides when you’re planning for a Canoe ride in Chitwan or experiencing an elephant bath for the most up-to-date information.


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