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Rajendra Chaudhary

My given name is Rajendra Chaudhary, and my surname is Raj Cdy. I am a nature guide at Chitwan National Park, and I have been doing this job for 12 years. I am very happy with my job because, since childhood, I had a dream to spend my life with people from different countries and inform them about my place. Through my profession, I am able to fulfill this dream.

My experience tells me that guiding in Chitwan National Park is not an ordinary task; it is very complicated. Chitwan National Park is especially renowned for its flora and fauna. Before receiving guests, a guide must have extensive knowledge about these things. He should be able to explain them thoroughly, ensuring that guests listen attentively. Only then can the safari be enjoyable and the guests be happy.

I am a Tharu person, which means I belong to the original tribes of this area. The Tharu people have a deep connection with the forest, which is why I am very familiar with the jungle. Since I was a child, I used to go to the forest with my parents.

About Me

I have encountered wild animals many times during jungle safaris. I am fully confident that I can keep my guests safe when encountering wild animals. To protect the guests, a guide must have knowledge about wild animals and their behavior, which I possess. To make the best of the safari, guests must listen to and follow the guide’s instructions. Sometimes, if guests don’t listen to what the guide says, it can lead to accidents.

In the beginning, I experienced some incidents, such as a fight with a sloth bear and an attack by a rhinoceros. These experiences have been my inspiration. I always think that my job depends on my guests’ happiness. In my experience, to ensure guests are happy, we need to understand their intentions. I learn from what I have experienced, apply it in my work, and achieve success.

For a guide to be successful in the jungle, he should have knowledge about animals, their habitat, and their behavior.

Important Moment While Working

The 9th World Ranger Congress was held in the village of Sauraha, Nepal, from November 12th to 16th, 2019. I had the opportunity to host 20 German rangers, which was a significant moment for me.

The time I spent with USA rangers on two occasions while working as a guide is unforgettable. Another unforgettable moment was when I spent time with the Norwegian ambassador.

Within a year of obtaining my guide license, I had a fight with a sloth bear, and the moment of victory has become an unforgettable experience for me. I also have unforgettable memories of spending time with Chinese guests and having the opportunity to learn the Chinese language.

About The Language

I speak four different languages: Nepali, English, Hindi, and Chinese.

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