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Inspired by Japanese hospitality, Hotel Aikawa Project began its journey to spring up in 2018. Though being completely shutted at the commencement of construction resulting from corona waves, Hotel Aikawa still manages to be claimed as the most luxurious property in Sauraha, providing the luxury of living in the heart of the city without compromising on the views, services, calmness and tranquility that you look for in an ideal hotel. Our contemporary touch of design is unmatched and is different from Saureli classical design. We have tried our best to be the diamond in the jungle.

Location-wise, we are about 15 km away from Bharatpur airport and in the heart of Sauraha. Alongside our buildings, there passes the exit route of some Elephants which provide you the right set of circumstances to see them pass right in front of our eyes in the daytime. We offer the best guidance to our guests with the exceptional Safari Experience. Including the activities such as Jungle Safari, Jungle Walk, Jungle Night-Out Tour, Canoeing, Boating, Motor Boat Tours, visit to elephant breeding center, and many more. Enjoy our interactive sessions with wildlife. Please refer to our nature book for other information. Our little Naturist office on-site will navigate you with your itinerary at your choice.

Consisting of 30 rooms, Hotel Aikawa comprises Presidential and Executive Suites, Super-deluxe and Deluxe rooms. Our 200 person accommodating seminar hall is located on the top and provides a wide jungle view with occasional animals passing by.

The topmost floor flat exclusively consists of Meeting and Seminar halls which allows our corporate clients to enjoy the spacious area. We offer a great value for money with our dining, rooms, and the overall ambience.

The best coffee shop in town, Ai Cafe, has been run by our founder, who is the owner of the biggest Indian Restaurant chains in Japan, vows to provide the best dining experience to our guests.

We are always keenly waiting to serve you at any given time. Enjoy the best room service and a complimentary cup of coffee from our own Ai Cafe. Our team is always on your service. Please feel assured about that when you find yourself within the premises of Hotel Aikawa.

On top of everything, this summer, we will inaugurate our infinity pool with jacuzzi, Ai Spa, Machan dining, and our own Aikawa Banquet hall with a capacity of more than 1000 people.

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